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Conform Desk

Part of our Conform line, the Conform Desk combines design, quality and over-the-top practical solutions. In addition, you can tailor it to your needs, so we combine custom-made furniture with the ease of ordering online.

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Conform Desk

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Modulos is all about conforming to your needs!
We don’t just design furniture. We solve your real problems in an elegant way. Which is why we allow you to fully customize your furniture pieces using simple web controls, order it and have it produced and shipped straight to your door.
A view of the Conform Desk desktop from a bird's eye view
  • Step 1: Set your desk width
  • Step 2: Set your desk depth

This widget is just a sneak peek into the customization options available to you for the Conform Desk! To learn more about the product and its fieatures and fully configure your own click below.

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What separates us from the herd:

  • Products you can configure over the web

    We don’t only offer you nicely designed and practical products. We allow you to form them yourself.

  • Our products have embedded practical solutions

    Practical solutions, such as channeling or hiding annoying cables, are embedded in our products.

  • We embed technology into furniture to increase practicality

    We always think forward. Wireless charging devices are now the new thing? Then we embed chargers.

  • Every product is bespoke made

    Your pieces of furniture are made by order. This means each piece is produced specially for you.

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We craft our products with care and insight that stems from decades of tradition and experience.

Our story is a mixture of experience, family, genuine love for gadgets and products and of course – tradition. Go ahead and read it, we tried to keep it short.

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