Modular by Modulos

The world’s first fully modular desk. A concept that has won numerous awards, including two Grand Prix at world innovation exhibitions. The first concept of Croatian furniture to be successfully funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

A concept that gives unlimited flexibility, absolute customization, upgrades and changes throughout your life.

Modulos is all about conforming to your needs!

A modular furniture concept that completely adapts to the customer

The Modulos work surface is made out of square modules that can connect to each other on all four sides, and by doing so form your unique optimal workspace. It is because of this modular work surface design that Modulos can fully adjust to your space and needs.

For example, if you are left handed and use a corded mouse, you’ll most likely prefer to have a cabling hole on the left side of your work surface. Modulos allows you to make that choice. Also, all of the modules with different functionalities that we offer, such as modules with embedded power outlets or wireless charger, can be arranged on the workspace in any way that you desire.

Modulos Modular radni stol ti daje mogućnost da sam kreiraš svoju radnu površinu.
From humble beginnings and experimenting with the concept, through brand creation and crowdfunding campaign, Modulos, the modular desk has found its place in homes and offices in 10 countries around the world. We have delivered modular desks to customers in Croatia, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.
Kupac modularnog stola Modular sastavlja svoj radni stol

Adaptability and durability

If you are a freelancer and currently reside in a small apartment, your Modulos desk will follow you as you move to a larger space. How? If you will need a larger desk, you’ll just order additional modules and there you go – once again you have a desk that fits your space perfectly!

Besides that, each module has leg mounting positions in each of its bottom corners, meaning you have lots of options for creating your combinations. For example, using short legs that we offer Modulos can become a coffee table in your living room, in contrast to a normal work desk that you create by combining modules with our standard legs. Modulos can be whatever you want, limited only by your imagination and needs! A work desk, kitchen desk, standing desk, coffee table – all of these are possible using the same modules.

A customer has actually given us one of the best descriptions for Modulos we have heard: “Modulos is like a chameleon – a piece of furniture that can have many faces and can wonderfully fit any space.”

All modules are currently sold out, but good news are we’re working on it, and on concept upgrade also.

All modules stock are currently sold out, so new ones are made to order. For inquiries regarding Modulos, the modular desk, whether it is a purchase request or a business collaboration, be sure to contact us via the contact form below.

In the meantime, if you need the perfect custom solution for your space, we definitely encourage you to check out our new product – Conform Desk – a fully customizable desk!

Check out Conform Desk
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Modular by Modulos Inquiry

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