Conform Desk BLK

Elegant design and dimensions that you can adjust to perfectly fit your living space, with many practical add-ons. In a special, matte black ultra premium surface edition.

A view of the Conform Desk desktop from a bird's eye view
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Conform Desk BLK merges the practicality and fine design lines of the base Conform Desk, adding an ultra premium matte black laminate as the surface material.
Stari pristup izradi namještaja po mjeri je - zastario.

Set your ideal desk dimensions with just a few clicks

Modern times brought us all a busy everyday schedule and tempo. With that in mind, we set out to save you time in choosing and buying your furniture. With just a few clicks you can adjust your desk to exactly fit your space, choose your options and add-ons as you choose. You will immediately see your bespoke-made product price and render. As soon as your order is set – we rush to build it just for you!

Pogled na slušalice koje vise sa bočne kukice radnog stola Conform Deska

Smart solutions at the core of product design

Our design process has at its very core a careful consideration of practicality and usefulness in everyday life. You are most likely familiar with the situation when the mess of cables and stuff on your desk just demotivates you while you’re trying to work. Or when you can’t charge your phone and still keep it at hand. We find solutions for these small, but large to you, problems and embed them into the products that we create.

Pogled s boka na površinu radnog stola Conform Desk na kojoj se nalazi cvijet i stalak za slušalice. Ovo je primjer za moderan kućni ured.

Top quality materials used in production

We want you to truly enjoy using your desk. That’s why we only work with top quality materials – high-quality plywood is used to secure the core for flexibility and longevity, while the laminates finish it off in top quality.

Izrada Modulara - modularnog radnog stola u proizvodnom pogonu

A combination of traditional and modern for your space

In the age of mass production and generic products, we believe that the final touch that a master craftsman can give is still recognised by those that want to have their space to be – special. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into producing each piece of furniture, having in mind it should become a part of your life. And to achieve that level we use the years and years of experience in furniture making that our master craftsman possesses.

Technical specifications

Here’s an overview of all the most important information and features of the Conform Desk work desk.

  • Features:

    • Ultra-premium matte black laminate surface finish
    • A perfect solution for organising your cables
    • A cabling channel that can also serve as a place to prop up your phone or tablet
    • Wirelessly charge your devices by simply laying them onto the designated surface areas (optional)
    • Neatly hide all of the cables (even the extension cord) into a velcro textile pouch underneath the desk surface (optional)
    • Hook your bag, backpack or headphones to the side of the desk surface (free option)
    • Elegant unobtrusive design that fits into any space
    • Top quality materials
  • Technical specifications:

    • 130 centimeters
    • 70 centimeters
    • 71.5 centimeters
    • 50 kilograms
  • Assembly:

    You will receive your desk neatly packed and secured, but disassembled. The assembly process is very simple – just connect the legs to the surface using the included screws and already prepared metal screw slots. You’ll even get an Allen key – so no tools required whatsoever!

  • Slanje:

    Conform Desk BLK by Modulos can be delivered to the following countries:

    Croatia, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, United Kingdom.

    Your desk will be delivered to your doorstep using a delivery service.

Prikaz smeđeg radnog stola Conform Desk u prostoru s nosačem monitora, laptopom, lampicom, bilježnicom i šalicom

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