Conform Product Line

We know that your home is a small oasis, a place you always return to and want to feel comfortable at. That’s why we have created a Conform product line that focuses on beauty of design, practicality, quality of workmanship and absolute adaptability to your living space. Because your living space should be tailored for you.

Configure your Conform Desk
Conform Desk - cables neatly stored in the optional pouch
Conform by Modulos product line is our response to the challenges of the modern lifestyle. We want to enable you to get unique and bespoke products in a simple way – online. We have put great effort into solving all of those small, yet big problems that you encounter in everyday life and work. So, for instance, in our product design process we think of solutions for cable management, placement of devices you use every day, along with many other practical and technological solutions.
Each Conform product you order is produced special for you, by your measurements and specifications, and delivered to your doorstep.

We created it for you

The Conform product line was developed while thinking how to simplify the process of buying furniture that fully fits the imagined space. Creating the line we primarily focused on quality and well thought design, backed by great experience and tradition, and because of its adaptability furniture pieces fit into any space.

Conform by Modulos is a new product line created as an evolution of our first product, a fully modular table, with which we have established ourselves as a new, innovative brand in the furniture market. It combines all the best elements of our innovative concept with simplicity, modern design and competitive yet affordable price.

Pogled na radnu površinu crnog radnog stola Conform Desk