A small company with big ideas.

Our story has started, and continues, in a small carpenters workshop where three generations of carpenters have lovingly built custom furniture.  In the dynamic age we live in, we are aware that the desire to create a motivating, comfortable and balanced environment in the home and work space is greater than ever.

Through a determined approach to furniture and the pursuit of innovation and smart solutions, we are introducing the traditional quality and personal approach of a typical carpenter into the 21st century.


Modulos is all about conforming to your needs!

Small carpentry workshop with a long tradition and modern approach to furniture

Modulos brand originated on the foundations of small carpentry and, after three generations of carpenters, combines quality, enthusiasm and experience with to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Our greatest strength is dedication to detail that we believe is key when it comes to custom-made furniture. Only such an approach can create the right solution that meets all standards and specifications. In addition, we strive to create smartly designed furniture that solves those little annoying situations in everyday life. And that’s why we decided to combine an innovative, startup approach with tradition. We decided to create products that make our users genuinely happy.

Although today’s market is dominated by large chains of cheap, common furniture, we have also noticed an increasing trend of owning personalised pieces that give each space a special touch and reflect the personality of one who lives in it. That is why we want to help all our clients create the home they want for themselves, with their smart, practical furniture that ensures form and function.

Dizajn i 3D renderiranje namještaja na računalu
Modulos is the first Croatian furniture brand that has successfully marketed an innovative product throughout the worldwide crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
Prezentacija ideje o modularnom stolu uoči startup natjecanja Startup Factory Zagreb

Whether it is Conform products or custom solutions – we want you to enjoy furnishing your space

Our guiding principle is simple: we want to let you enjoy your furniture – from the moment you choose it to the first day you use it.

Ever since our first product, Modular by Modulos desk, we have been trying to reinterpret the whole process of buying and using furniture. We want that same furniture to fit you, your living space and your living habits. We also want to allow you to enjoy your furniture for many years, so we also approach design, material selection and the quality of workmanship.

No matter what you choose, a Conform product or opting for a fully tailored solution, you will get the perfect furniture without the stress, unnecessary waste of time and worry about the end result.


Purchasing pieces of furniture that fit you perfectly should not be difficult. It must give you joy. It has to be simple, easy and fast.