Why choose Modulos furniture?

Modulos is a Croatian furniture brand that offers simple solutions and satisfying ordering experience which is expected today, combined with personalizaton and customization options in a manner of traditional craftsman.

Modulos is all about conforming to your needs!

Your furniture should be made for you and your needs – with just a few clicks on the web.

Choosing a piece of furniture that will fit into your space is hard to happen without lengthy shop tours or trying to find a craftsman who will do on time everything you envisioned. That’s why at Modulos we came up with a simple solution for this problem. With just a few clicks, you can easily order your furniture.

Our Conform line has just been launched and for now offers the perfect desk, but in our Custom solutions we offer a wide range of furniture that can be used to better your interior.

The fusion of a thirty years old tradition with the contemporary needs of the 21st century has resulted in our special approach to furniture making. We are fully dedicated to every detail and carefully think about purpose to make sure we design furniture that truly meets form and function .

The quality of craft and design is just one segment that ensures the overall impression and durability of the furniture. Another important segment is quality of the materials . We use only high-quality laminates from Austrian and Italian manufacturers, and we always choose the best solution for the core.

Mladi par u praznoj sobi zamišlja namještaj
Your needs should define your furniture. We do not pay attention only to dimensions but foresee every element of furniture in the design phase in order to solve all your small but big problems .
Površina crnog radnog stola Conform Desk sa prikazom utora za kabliranje

Simplicity and elegance, tailored to your space

Your home deserves furniture that will fully fit into the space and give it a personality. That’s why we design simple and elegant pieces of furniture that you can fully customize to the specifications of your space.

Površina radnog stola Conform Desk s rozom bilježnicom i izvlačnom kukom za torbu

Smart practical solutions as the basis of product design

Your furniture needs to make your life easier and adapt to your lifestyle. We believe that accessibility is one of the elements that must be represented in furniture, so we always think about how furniture can solve some everyday problems like cabling, charging mobile devices, organizing things …

Ugradbeni ormar sa izvlačnom sjedalicom u hodniku

Custom solutions that make your space better

We turn your ideas and desires into tailor-made solutions. We listen carefully, give you suggestions, or come up with thoughtful ideas. Behind us is a long experience of furnishing the interiors, and we devote maximum time and attention to each query we receive to make sure that the final products will fully meet your expectations.

Instalacija kreveta po mjeri

Your needs come first – do you have questions, special requests or concerns – we are always here.

If you are in doubt about choosing furniture for your home and need our advice or if you have any special requirements, feel free to contact us. We approach each query professionally and with maximum engagement to help you find the solution that will best fit your home.

We have a professional approach to tailoring custom furniture by putting your ideas and requirements first. Our ultimate goal is for the final solutions to fully meet all your requirements and needs and be fully customized to your space. Contact us with confidence because our mission is to make your home a place you will always return to with a big smile on your face.

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