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An overview of all of the product we’re currently offering. If you’re looking for a bespoke-made piece of furniture – please contact us!

Conform Desk BLK Elegant design and dimensions that you can adjust to perfectly fit your living space, with many practical add-ons. In a special, matte black ultra premium surface edition. Save up to €182.70! To product / Order
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Conform Desk An exquisitely designed bespoke desk whose width and height are completely customisable for your needs upon ordering. Save up to €160.10! To product / Order
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Embeddable 80mm multi-functional charging grommet

The Minibatt Fr-80 multifunctional charger is the latest charger product of this brand that, in a single product, gives you a 220V outlet, two standard USB charging slots, one USB-c charging slot and an embedded Qi Wireless Charger in the lid of the device!

95.40 To product / Order
Minibatt FR80 Multicharger
Hairpin metal leg – 715mm A industrial design metal leg, built out of high quality metal wire and anthracite coloured using a high quality electrostatic paint process. These legs make your desk become a decorative element of your home or office, all the while keeping your space visually unobstructed by the legs design. 27.00 To product / Order
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