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Short product description

On 10/15/2019, Modulos Furniture Systems Company d.o.o. has signed a Grant Agreement for the implementation of the project named “MODULOS”, the contract reference code KK. The implementation of the project was co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds in the financial period 2019-2021.

Modulos is an award-winning and proprietary innovation that leverages office and home workspace optimization, fully customizable for space and user requirements, using unparalleled modularity and numerous assembly options, creating smart and practical environments with smart design, various embedded technologies, and a combination of the modules offered.

Modulos Furniture Systems Company d.o.o. invests in improving products to meet market requirements, protecting intellectual property, conducting marketing activities on digital channels and launching an enhanced product on the market.

Objectives of the project

The specific objective is to strengthen the competitiveness and market position of Modulos Furniture Systems d.o.o. through significant investment in marketing, recruitment of a Marketing and Sales Manager, intellectual property protection, testing and incorporation of test results into the final product, and preparation of production and production of a zero series according to new parameters and reflection of market needs.

Expected project results

  • Transfer of knowledge and experience in accordance with market requirements
  • Improved product to meet market requirements
  • The product is finalized and ready for commercialization
  • The procedure of protection of intellectual property at the competent institute for protection of intellectual property was carried out
  • Conducted marketing campaign on digital media for the purpose of product commercialization
  • Conducted research and testing of the innovation market
  • Product tested with potential customers
  • Product launched on the market

Total project value: 755.319,62 HRK
Eligible costs: 755.319,62 HRK
EU project co-financing: 642.021,67 HRK
Project implementation period: listopad 2019. — travanj 2021.
Contact person for more information: Katarina Galić,, + 385 97 715 9882

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